Linking to Geobop

You do not need permission to link to Geobop websites; I welcome the publicity!

The most productive links make good use of keywords. For example, the first of the three links below is the best:

• GeoWorld: Geography & Social Studies
• GeoWorld
• a geography site
The first link also includes a title attribute, illustrated by the red text in the example below. To see what it does, place your cursor over the three links above.

GeoWorld: Geography & Social Studies
Images can also draw attention to links and can also make your web page look more interesting. Geobop will soon be offering linking images for all its websites.

You are also welcome to request a reciprocal link, though I can’t always reciprocate. I prefer to link to websites that are “on topic” and of reasonably high quality. However, I sometimes put links that don’t otherwise fit in in my “Guest Links” section. Please note my contact page.

You can find more linking resources – including free images – here (general Geobop websites) and here (adult political websites).