The Geobop family of websites have come a long ways, but not without a lot of help. Now’s a good time to pause and offer a big thank you to the many people who have helped me along the way.

Unfortunately, I can’t possibly remember all of the countless people who have offered me advice or constructive criticism. I know many of them only as aliases from forums and newsgroups. However, I’ll at least try to acknowledge some of the people and organizations that helped me the most. If you think your name belongs on my list (or if, for some reason, you want me to remove your name), just e-mail me.

Please note that I link to friends’ websites whenever possible. The least I can do is try to drive a little traffic to their websites. (Although this site isn’t currently generating a lot of traffic, it will grow.) If you’re mentioned on this website, but I didn’t link to your website, it probably just means I don’t know the URL; feel free to share it with me.

So, here’s my initial list of people to thank.

• SitePoint long served as my favorite source of advice on technical web design and related issues before I was banned for criticizing Microsoft. (SitePoint is one of many websites that are in Bill Gates’ pocket.) It’s hard to give credit where due because I’ve posted over a thousand messages on SitePoint and also because few people use their real names there.

Some of the individuals who have given me a lot of help, especially with PHP, include clamcrusher, SpikeZ, BonRouge, and Rushiku. Most of my MySQL database questions have been answered by Rudy Limeback ( and longneck, while David K. Lynn (Data Koncepts) has fielded most of my questions relating to Apache, especially mod-rewrite rules.

• The Macromedia Dreamweaver newgroup has also been a great source of help. Some of the regulars who have been especially helpful include Dan Vendel (Proformica), Gary White (, Michael Fesser (Micha) and Nadia Perre (Dreamweaver & Fireworks Resources).

• Another valuable friend is Project Seven, source of a dazzling variety of popular Dreamweaver extensions and other cool gizmos and strategies designed to put a little zip in websites and home of three very helpful forums (Project Seven, CSS and Issues). Though they offer many commercial products, my favorite is one of their freebies, SwapClass, which I use on virtually every page on all of my websites. Special thanks to Al Sparber and Ken Ford, along with another Project Seven fan, David Powers. (Powers has written books about Dreamweaver, PHP and MySQL.)

• I’ve also received a lot of advice from the MySQL newsgroup. Shawn Green gave me a lot of advice on setting up an animals database and has answered other questions as well.

• Paul King essentially gave me the blueprint for the master PHP script I use on my sites.

• The Open Source community deserves a very special thanks. You may be out to lunch politically, but where I would be without Apache, PHP, MySQL, Firefox and Thunderbird? You’ve even got me using OpenOffice now!

Again, I have many more people to thank, and I’ll be adding more names and links in the days, weeks and years ahead.

My bid to escape the Microsoft monopoly took a giant leap forward with the purchase of an Apple MacBook Pro laptop. It’s expensive, but the features, engineering and versatility are simply incredible.

My most important software programs are Dreamweaver, Apache, PHP, MySQL and Firefox. I also use Photoshop, CuteFTP and Navicat.

Most of my domain names are now hosted by, and most of my websites are now hosted by